Why we moved from Cisco switches to Huawei Cloud Engine switches

I don’t work for Huawei and nor have they commissioned me to write this. I hate having to say that but I feel like I need to. I like to write the odd article about tech and why I have deployed it as it’s a genuine customer view/end-user view and I like to report on good or bad that I see as I go through my IT life.

One of the most recent projects that has just gone live is moving our Cisco switches (Core and Distribution layers) to Huawei. In part there are a number of reasons why we moved away from Cisco.

  1. For starters the commercials for Huawei are considerably cheaper when you sit them next to Cisco. As an example buying into the Cloud Engine series which in my mind is the same as buying into Nexus for Cisco is as much as 60% cheaper.
  2. The actual through-put on the Huawei switches are for the most part higher than Cisco. I don’t have any hard facts to back this up so don’t shoot me down, I am just going on what I found in my R&D
  3. When you look at features that you get for you hard-earned cash you do get a hell of a lot more for less
  4. Our first experience of Huawei support whilst on a POC was first class and they are a lot more agile than Cisco when it comes to bug fixes and changes. I realise that Cisco are huge but we need to work with more agile vendors so this suits us
  5. In fact the actual POC and getting access to the loan equipment was excellent, they really went the extra mile to make sure we had the full experience, again I have found Cisco to be a bit anal when it comes to that type of thing, especially when you are not a huge customer.
  6. We got access to their “Hedex” documentation store which is awesome. Basically they give you an offline copy of all of their documentation, but to top it off the documentation not only has numerous config examples, they are all really good and they actually walk you through a technology from basics. Awesome when you are stuck on site and there is no Internet and you need to configure TRILL for example.

In closing if you are in a similar situation to me (limited budget, aged network etc) and you want to future proof your network I would consider Huawei. Ours have been in production for three months and have shown no issues at all. If you are a die-hard Cisco guy like me then you will be able to transition quickly to the Huawei IOS. In fact I will put a post out about that soon.