Apps I currently use in my “iWorld”

I am by no means a big app user. I know people who have pages of apps that they have downloaded. Most of my apps are just there to compliment some of my many interests. I just wanted to get a list together of what I use as I thought someone else may find something useful.

The ones I use the most are all related to my passion for the world of IT, so I will start there.

Also, I think that 99% of my apps are free and as per the title they are all from iTunes as I am an Apple user. Not an Apple fan boy by any means!!

  1. FeedlerRSS – Brillient app for monitoring all the blogs I follow. For me the big selling point of this app is that it connects to my Google Reader account, so I keep my feeds in one place.
  2. Flipboard – I really like this app, I use it just for tracking whats going on in the areas I am interested in. It has a nice an easy interface to use. Some of the new release features are cool, allowing you to create and publish your own magazines for others to read. It can follow your Facebook and Twitter feeds as well.
  3. WordPress – Pretty obvious one really, great for keeping up with this blog and its management.
  4. Hootsuite – I only use this for my Twitter feed, I don’t have a huge Twitter feed to keep up with at the moment but it has some cool features like the built in link shortner, which also enables stats. You can also search for key words which is a great way to find new bloggers or people to follow.
  5. I do have the usual array of social apps, like Twitter, Linked In etc. But I don’t have Facebook as in my eyes its evil!
  6. iRemote Desktop – Handy litte RDP client for my ‘i’ devices.
  7. Speed Test – Simple yet effective way to test connection speeds where ever you are.
  8. For reading I just use iBooks and the Kindle App. I have also used Kaliber for certain formats.
  9. I also use the VMware view client and the Citrix Receiver but these are for corporate access only. I do like the way that the VMware view client has its little widget for navigation etc when on an iPhone. I wish the iPad client had it as its better than the drop down menu provided in that client.

I think thats it for now but I will keep this up to date as I find other apps.


iTunes download stuck and keeps looping (iPhone)

Just a quick note on how to get around a download from iTunes that gets stuck in a loop. This happened to me today whilst downloading a new podcast. The download would get right to the end, say “processing” then start all over, preventing the next podcast from coming down.

I found that I couldn’t pause, swipe to delete or do anything, and all the while this stuck download had my iPhone in overdrive, it was seriously hot and the battery was draining very quickly indeed.

Anyway, the following steps didn’t work for me. Closing iTunes, phone restart or plugging into iTunes on my laptop.

Here is the quick fix… Put the phone into flight mode, open iTunes and you should now be able to swipe the stuck podcast to the left and delete it. Simple ūüôā

iPad in the Enterprise

About a year ago a few members of the team got an iPad, well it is a new gadget and¬†who can resist…¬†

Being a geek the¬†realisation soon kicked in that the iPad could actually have a lot of mileage as a sales tool. It’s certainly¬†stylish and got that wow factor and lets face what sales rep is not sold on these two factors. Beyond that the thought of the business giving them out had a moral boosting angle as well has a big impact in the sale seems a win win. Not to mention the ease of use, lightweight, fantastic screen etc.

Then the wow factor leads to some realisations, you need iTunes to register and activate the device, how does that scale up? Can you imagine a sales force with an iPad downloading all sorts and having to manage an iTunes account. How does it integrate into the existing infrastructure and co-exist with the desktop applications. In fact what apps does the rep need. Better still how do you deploy it. For me it was question overload.

To cut a long journey a bit shorter I found two key applications, Citrix Receiver for iPad and numerous Office style applications that all did the business. The Citrix Receiver was the way forward to allow a quick and seemless integration into our network and use the local Office apps to present corporate sales media.

So I had a few business wins as well as a loose strategy to integrate the platform into the network. Now all I was thinking was how can this¬†platform be deployed, managed and supported. It seemed to me that these questions were far to early doors for Apple. Whilst there seemed to be a few crude solutions it just didn’t cut it.

Just recently I picked this up again. iPad 2 is up on us, RIM have the new Playbook and Android also have a tablet as well as some others. On top of this with everything I am learning about the Cloud these types of device are soon going to become common place in the enterprise.

A bit of digging shows that Android certainly seems to be behind Apple. I can see the RIM Playbook being a serious business tool as lets face it, the Blackberry is the main stay of the Golf course and offers a great management platform.

However don’t rule the iPad (2) out as it seems that Apple have realised that they are missing out on a big market. Their site now has a whole raft of deployment options for iTunes, allowing for deployment centrally, management and control of the platform. To me this is a huge win.

Whilst I can’t say much more as I have yet to try it and finish reading all the material I would seriously be watching the mobile device space with a close eye.