How to package an ActiveX control

Over the years I have done a reasonable amount of application packaging and repackaging. Mostly with MSI files. I can’t say I am a packaging ace but I can get by. It’s actually quite funny how many calls I get about packing jobs just because I have “Wise Package Studio” mentioned somewhere in the depths of my CV. Got to love these key word searches!!

Anyway, I had to package the Cisco Web VPN relay ActiveX. For those that want to know this is installed when a user in our case connects to a Web Portal and launches a Smart Tunnel. I have described these Smart Tunnels as application VPNs.

This process will work for any ActiveX so do keep reading…

First of all you will need Wise Package Studio. I have version 7 which I am sure is rather old but it still does the job for us. Then get all of your files and place them in a folder on your WPS machine.  Then follow the steps below;

  1. Open a command prompt (If Win Vista or above ensure its elevated)
  2. Navigate to the following folder %program files%\alteris\wise package studio\windows installer editor\
  3. Launch the WiseComCapture.exe /r /r “path to source file” “path to output file” example Wisecomcapture.exe /r /u “c:\myactivex\activex.ocx” “c:\myactivex\activex.reg”
  4. Now its this reg file and the original source file that you will need to create your MSI
  5. Next I go into WPS and open the Install editor
  6. I choose a new Windows package and leave the other options as defaults
  7. First add all of the name details and general information
  8. Then I add the OCX and any INF files to the System32 folder
  9. Then I import my .REG file that we created earlier
  10. Then compile and save your MSI
  11. Go and test as you would any MSI file