About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Lets clear one thing up, I am bit of a geek and I love my work in IT as well as my games. I started this blog as way to record a few of my technical findings and fixes, however I have stated to blog more about my thoughts on general IT topics as well as hobbies and other interests that I have.

Anyway this page is supposed to be about me and not the aims of the blog. At least you know what kind of content you can expect.

I have worked in IT for over my 13 years and I have been an IT admin, IT manager, field engineer, consultant and a team lead for the Data Centre Services team in medium sized digital media company. Currently I am the IT manager for the infrastructure team in a mid sized organisation.

Whilst I don’t have a certain technology that I focus on I have a real interest in visualization. I have a broad range of experience including the aforementioned visualization specifically VMware. I also have a good skill set when it comes to  networks, storage, application and O/S deployment, firewalls and most things Microsoft.

I hope that a few of you out there find some of my post handy as I am always using other people blogs, so this is my chance to give something back.

As I mentioned I am a gamer, I have been playing games since the days of the Amstrad CPC 64 and the Spectrum ZX 64. These days I mostly play on the 360, but I do play on other platforms like the PC, or PS3 for example. If anyone fancies a game or would like to add me on 360 then just Tweet me @vWikid I play and own most games, but I can normally be found in COD or Halo when it comes to multiplayer.



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