XP – Its been a blast!

I did enjoy this little Marketing message from Microsoft, basically saying please come and buy Windows 8.


Marketing aside, April 8th 2014 has been and gone and much like the Y2K bug we are all still here. Some might say for how long, especially in light of patch of the first patch Tuesday looming tomorrow. Time will tell but no matter the threat there will be thousands of businesses who will still be on XP for years to come.

I feel I can say that with a degree of confidence as I still see the odd NT 4.0 box kicking around,  maybe in the next year or so the bulk of companies will have moved off of XP but the question that interests me is what will people move too? I don’t intend on answering that, it’s a question that is as long as it is broad, but it’s just the Operating system and does the business even care if its Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. They just want something that works and is secure. At least that is the push back that I get from my board.

If you look at how EUC is evolving and think back to what XP did during its life time I think we will not see such a dominant Desktop OS in the enterprise again. Users are demanding more flexible means and ways of working and that takes the focus away from the OS and places its squarely on the applications and how they are delivered.

I started in IT during 1999 so I saw the big change over from NT to XP and I am pretty sure that the cycle is just repeating itself with XP and Windows 8 for example. We IT folk just don’t like change, when in actual fact we should relish it. Whilst I look back with a great fondness for XP, I for one am really pleased to be moving on as these days it just does not cut it and I grow tired of trying to make it bend to life in 2014, most of our service desk tickets are related to XP and how it doesn’t quite support this or it wont do that.

In closing I bid a fond farewell to XP and I am saying hello to post XP support (yes, I can’t quite get rid of it all yet!) as well as planning for the demise of Windows Server 2003! The clock is already ticking folks….


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