Error after moving Citrix Configuration Logging DB to new server

I have recently had to move all of my Xenapp 6.5 databases from an old SQL2005 server to a new SQL2008 server. For the most part it went well but I did encounter the following error, that is pretty simple to solve.

After moving the CL database I went and reconfigured the Configuration logging settings, using the wizard in the Appcentre. That all went well and it was happy talking to the new DB. I then went and made a simple change to an application, so that I could query the change log. What I found when I hit the get log button was the following error came up.

“The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object”

Citrix CL DB Move error

Ok, so its access denied. Seems pretty simple. I went back to my DBA and we checked that the Stored Procedures were there (Which they were) and we re-applied permissions to the Citrix service account. It seemed that no matter what we did the error persisted.

After a quick SQL trace we could actually see that when you hit “get log” it uses the logged on user account to query the DB. So adding the correct AD group to the CL DB on the new server fixes this issue. Simple stuff, but it may help someone else if need be.

To further back this up you can read some of the public docs on the CL DB permissions.

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