Error – Internal View Composer Error. Contact your Administrator

I came across this little error a few weeks back. I could log into my admin console and no matter what I clicked on in relation to a desktop, or a pool for example I would see the following error message.

Internal view comp error

It’s not a very helpful error and I am the admin, so there was no one else to turn too! I spent a while checking the basics and could see that all servers and services were up, virtual desktops were running but we could not make any changes to pools or carry out any actions, such as a recompose.

I bit more digging and there really was nothing jumping out as being wrong, so I turned to Google. There were not a lot of options/fixes on offer and everything that was listed didn’t fit the bill.

So I thought I would post the fix for this issue as it was pretty simple in the end. The user account that our View services are using for some reason had a password that was set to expire. Clearly this is a bit dumb and was an oversight. A quick AD update to the user account, a close and re-open of the View admin console (WI) and we are in business.

So there you have it. Simple fix.

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