VMware don’t want to build long term relationships with Customers!

This is my first post in while and its sad to say that its a bit of a rant!

I don’t like to bash vendors and I will be the first to admit that I really like the VMware products and community. I guess that my enthusiasm for those is why I am so disappointed with the recent experience I had with VMware licensing direct.

Now, I won’t disclose who I spoke to in the licensing team and I will say that a certain set of circumstances led to my VAR putting me in direct contact with VMware.

As most of us VMware admins know, VMware is not a cheap platform but I still sell it to my business as a platform that continues to deliver a robust feature rich platform that suits our business model and use cases perfectly.

Cutting to the chase, as our conversation developed it became quite clear that all Bob (not his real name) wanted to do was get was a quick sale on the books and was not interested in trying to resolve my issue with a longer agreement.

What I was trying to ask for was a 3 year deal but at a price that was quoted the previous month, the net difference £1500 pounds. On top of that I illustrated our future VMware growth plans and my reason for asking for the price to be honoured. To which he replied and I quote..

“We are not interested in what you could do, and my managers won’t honour that quote based on possible growth.” He was unwilling to even ask his manager and said all he could offer was a 3 year deal at the higher price, to which I said my hands were tied and I could not get agreement to get the increase.

There is a major internal political thing so don’t bash me for asking for such a small amount of money, or why we had gone over the 28 days quote period. But if you ask me I would have thought that most vendors are interested in trying to help a customer, especially given previous history and future business!?

So I was forced down a 1 year deal to keep my costs under budget. VMware were happy to get one more years business. Has it gotten that bad VMware that you need to land grab rather than look at the bigger picture.

I know that VMware are in business to make money but I guess I was a little disheartened to hear that attitude first hand from a vendor that I hold in high regard. I don’t think that I was asking for a lot and I thought that this would be a no brainer, but a chat with my VAR afterwards said that she had seen this hard-nosed approach before with licensing and it was a real shame as they are left holding the baby with the customer.

So am I alone here, did I just have a licensing rep who lived by his monthly target and couldn’t see value beyond the here and now? Or are others seeing major inflexibility when dealing with VMware licensing and pricing policy’s.

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