Odd vCentre issue – Not seeing any performance data

Just thought I would share this little oddity that I found on one of our ESXi hosts the other day. It’s a 5.1 host by the way…

I noticed that two of our host were warning of high CPU usage which was not the norm. Looking a little bit closer I noticed that DRS had been busy moving VMs and had left one node devoid of VMs bar a couple of low use servers.

Again, it seemed odd as there was evidence in the logs that a host had failed. Then I noticed this on the summary screen.

ESX host not showing performance data 1

No performance data at all! How odd, I continued my digging.

The next thing that I noticed was that none of the VMs were showing any stats. I should add that the VM below that is showing stats was vMotioned from a working host. Odd that its stats show up ok.

ESX host not showing performance dataI then had a quick look at the perofmance charts and what vCenter Ops could see. Both showed nowt and vCops looked like the screen shot below… Very helpful.

ESX Host not showing performance counters vcops view

I fixed this issue by a simple management agent restart. I must confess that I didnt have time to get down and dirty with the hosts logs to see if there was a cause. But what I can say is that I have noticed we have to restart the management agents more often since running 5.1. Has anyone else seen that?

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