VMware Labmanager Support Extended

I love Lab manager, ever since I first gave the self-service portal to my training department I have been a huge fan.

It answered my use case for me and it has been a firm favourite in the team for a number of projects. Now I must admit that I had planned a “bye bye LM” post for last month as it went end of life but I have been rather busy at work and totally missed it.

However I saw the other day a rather nice mail from VMware saying that support has been extended for another year. Great news as we were gearing up to our work loads to a mixture of View and vCloud.

View was a simple one as we were using LM to host some business process desktops, which is all honesty would be far better in View. However moving our self-service users to vCloud just felt like we were moving to a product that is more than we need.

Perhaps that is why VMware have extended support as other people feel as I do and have not just taken the jump to vCD as they would have expected.

I do wonder if this extra year will see more people migrate from LM, I am dubious as to if we will or not. Since I have been looking at it I can see a number of other use cases in our Internet data centre, such as segregating our prod and staging environments as well as allowing us to orchestrate more of our deployments and test platforms, but they would be sizable projects that when presented to the business they have not jumped up and down to get them started.

I do have some notes that I started to jot down on the migration from LM to vCD,  seeing as I didn’t find a great deal out on the web I will type them up as they may help someone else who is not so fussed on seeing out another year in lab managers warm embrace!!

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