VMware Cloud Cred

I heard about this a few weeks back on the VMware Communities roundtable podcast with @jTryoyer and co.

Last night I decided to logon and see what its all about and also see if it could help me on my road to becoming a vExpert in 2014, see my post here on that topic.

After a short time racking up a few points I jumped off, and here are some initial thoughts.

1. Anyone who believes that this is a valid route to getting vExpert should think again, and having a high Cloud Cred score will not make you a vExpert. The tasks in the vExpert category (in my opinion) seem considerably harder to do than what I think is required in the actual program, which is good as it does not give an easy route that dilutes the community.

2. Some of the tasks are crazy easy and some are just not achievable for me. For example get five points for following Apple on Twitter (really!) or you go the other way and have to teach a high school or tech class (Seriously!) the latter of which is under the vExpert tasks.

3. With the best will in the world I do wonder about the longevity of the game, as I actually got a bit bored after completing just a few tasks. Perhaps as it grows they will become more engaging but time will tell.

4. Clearly this is a marketing exercise but I question how much of this is about giving VMware Cred over you. I would also debate that VMware has a great community and do they need this game to make it any better?

5.  Points make prizes and cloud Cred is no exception. VMware have put up some marketing dollars to front prizes that range from badges to a trip to VMworld Barcelona. I just wonder how many people will rack up the tasks with no real passion/interest as they just want to win a big prize.

So things are not perfect but I take my hat off to VMware for trying, is a lot like the Microsoft MVA where they reward you with a points score for completing tasks. In the interest of being balanced I want to talk about some of the things that I do think are good.

I can see this being a great ice breaker for people new to the community. You join a team of people who all have the same goal – earn points. It’s also pretty crazy to think how these types of games unite teams of people around the world who you would never normally meet in your day-to-day work.

I think it can also help ease people into Social. Some people take to it like a duck to water, but I admit that I am not one of those people.

It’s also possible that you could gain more traction for your blog and personal brand, either by meeting new people or actually getting a blog post published.

Cloud cred seems like a good way to learn a little bit more about Cloud and its eco systems. So I will try to find the time to get some of the tasks that interest me completed.

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