VMware Horizon Mirage – Licensing gotcha – Could it be sorted in 4.20?

**Danger! Dont make the same oversight that I have **

The Mirage Windows migration feature requires a separate licence that equates to one machine migration per unit, so if I get a 10 pack I can do 10 machines. But wait… It gets better as after 6 months the license will expire.

Bit cheeky if you ask me, especially when I have just brought the full Horizon suite. I also think that most VMware products are quite costly anyway, with out these hidden extras.

I could defend VMware and say that I didn’t do my due diligence as in my mind Mirage is part of the Horizon suite and I just would not expect a separate sub license to be required. Also, they do state in the reviewers guide that this is a separate licence and it is documented in a licence PDF so maybe I shouldnt complain, but I will!! 

In my defence I was less interested in Mirage as it was only a nice extra. However after seeing how you can migrate Windows I realised I now have a whole host of situations where this will come to my aid. I could also debate that my Vendor who shall remain nameless could have warned me too.

Much like the vRam tax in vSphere 5, I think they have got this one wrong. I mean I don’t think that I have any other products in my enterprise where I have purchased the top of the range model and then had one feature cost me more on top.

However, it seems that the recent announcement of version 4.2 has a licence alignment with the Horizon Suite. So does this mean if I have 100 Horizon Suite licences I can do up to 100 migrations with no time limit? I have yet to confirm that but if it does then it’s a positive move by VMware.

For those out of SnS or don’t have the suite and own version 4.0 then I guess your stuck with this timed licence, so don’t get court out like I did.

Enough writing, I am off to get the new download and see if the answer becomes clear in the software!

2 thoughts on “VMware Horizon Mirage – Licensing gotcha – Could it be sorted in 4.20?

  1. infrastructureguy June 20, 2013 / 12:11 pm

    I can confirm now that under the new licensing you no longer need a migration license. So thats great news in my opinion.

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