vExpert 2014? My plan for the next year.

Ah… The results are in and congratulations to all those new vExperts and returning ones. For those who want to see the result you can have a look here

I have to say that I was hoping that I would be feeling confident enough to go for this in 2013. However in my mind I just didn’t feel like I was doing anywhere near enough to earn the badge, now I may not get it 2014 but I plan to give it a good go.

How I got started with VMware

If had to pin point when I first got working with VMware products it would have been back in 2007, when we first introduced it to run our new Citrix Farm, very exciting times in my mind. I can’t say that we were the traditional story as we launched with a production workload off the bat.

Since that project I have really brought into the VMware product set and they have featured heavily on my product road maps. Some might say I am a VMware “fanboy” but I would disagree. I still think VMware have a lot that they need to get right and I will write about those, I just think that the products fit our company and that’s what matters the most.

Why do I want to be a vExpert?

I have never been particularly fussed over being an MVP for example but maybe in part that’s because I just don’t feel the same about Windows products as I do virtualisation. Sure I could be an MVP in Hyper-V but that’s not what I work with everyday so that’s just not logical.

So my first point is to do it to take on a different challenge. It will certainly drive me to blog more and spend more time in my lab for example.

Then comes the recognition side of things, we all like new badges and status in a community. I would also relish the extra support that you get from VMware and third parties. NFR keys for the lab would be ace and really help me to learn new products and in turn to write about them.

There is also the chance that this will lead to networking opportunities to push my career forward or open new doors in the future.

What’s next?

Well, I this is my plan.

Blog more – at least one new post a week that is VMware related
Attend more VMUG meetings – which can’t be hard as I not been to one yet!
Join Cloud cred and see if that can help
Get more lab time so I can write about more
Get involved on the community forum

I think that’s about it for now.

If like me you’re doing the same and want to help promote each other leave me comment or tweet me @vWikid. Or perhaps you are a vExpert and have a few extra tips that you could share in the comments.

Thanks for reading…

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