Shoot first – Die first – Its the Black Ops 2 way

I like to think I am a pretty good pub player in most 1st person shooters, I always have a positive KD and a good wins:loss, but all that aside I always have fun and enjoy my games. My usual haunts are Halo and Call of Duty.

There are alway players who are clearly skilled and I never get annoyed losing a gun fight to them. In fact I always keep playing the people who are better than me, so I can raise my game.

Putting that to one side I should get to the real point of this post, Black Ops 2. This is not me whining , I am just sick of losing out to players based on bad game mechanics and maybe a bit lag. I say a bit of lag as being a IT guy I know that this will always be there but why in Black Ops 2 can I land the first shots which should ensure the kill but, no, the game decides that the other player who shoots last should kill me. I also see that hip fire is clearly better than ADS (which is how I play) as it appears that spray and pray beats the accurate player at any range.

I just love seeing kill cam after kill cam where according to the game I have not even fired a shot! These are serious WTF moments that just spoil the game for me. I know that there were some major gripes around MW 3 and how its match making could place you in a sub optimal game, or final stand but for the most part it always played well for me. But Black Ops 2 just seems to rub my face in the dirt and laugh at my attempts to enjoy the game and do well.

Then come the score streaks which if you play in a good team can be abused to the max as you just keep on going. I have seen people with 200+ kills for 1 or two deaths. Yes they may be good players but I bet they have a team behind them spamming UAV, Counter UAV, and a VSAT helping them get to these higher echelons of stats.

All games share a common theme in that they have their niggles but I can put my hand on my heart and say that none of them spoil my fun as much as BLOPS 2 does. It just feels so inconstant it just frustrates me.

In fact I have pretty much given up on the game and slipped back into Modern Warfare 3, yes its an easier game to play and Final Stand, noob cannons and camping is rife, but at least when I lose a gun fight its normally for good reason. And at the end of the day I enjoy it. Except maybe for the hate message see my blog here for more on that one.

With the recent announcement of Call of Duty Ghost from Infinity Ward at least I have something to look forward to, but I have a feeling that it wont be ground breaking and little will change in the world of COD. However all I ask is for a fun, fair game to emerge.

2 thoughts on “Shoot first – Die first – Its the Black Ops 2 way

  1. mitch May 14, 2013 / 3:02 pm

    shoot first die first.welcome to my world i get this in every game

    • infrastructureguy May 14, 2013 / 8:20 pm

      Blacks ops 2 is a broken game.. I actually put MW2 on the other day and not only was it great fun, the hit reg felt great and there are still loads of people playing it!

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