VMware Nee – Hands on labs – First thoughts

We are the knights of Nee.. Er. I mean VMware! My hats off to VMware for coming up with an acronym that I just can’t say seriously. For those not sure what I mean, just google Monty Python and the knights of nee. Classic!

Nee actually stands for Next-Generation Education Environment and I think its very similar to what Microsoft have done with the MVA. Which I have blogged about here  Note I say similar as a lot of the MVA content was video or text based, the VMware content is full on labs, you get a full server with the full product. So if your like me and you want to click outside of the manual you can.

What you get is a clean interface that allows you to select from a small number of labs, that I believe have come from labs that were on offer at VMworld 2012(not fact checked, just my assumption). So far I have done around four labs, the screen has been responsive and the spin up time was actually pretty quick.

I do like how they have allowed you to move the manual around the screen, especially as I am not to bothered about printing them out. The lab content itself, in terms of what they have you do was good. Some of it is clearly high level entry stuff but everyone has to start somewhere and there is no harm in VMware offering a refresher for one and all.

It would be nice if the Lab manual had a content section so I could skip to particular parts but thats a minor gripe.

The one thing that I really do want is to be able to access the content on my iPad, I would hope that this is on the road map. It just says that your device is partially supported and all I can see is the lab manual. When clicking on the Open remote console option it just loads. Not had a chance to check this out as it could be my iPad!?

I also noticed some samples of the new online courses, which will count as the pre req to take the VCP exams, so no need to travel to a class room. For some that will be great news, but one of the biggest wins of class room training is the banter and experieince that the delegates bring with them. Something that could be lost in this new forward thinking NEE world?

This would also mean that certain content would be free and some paid for. I kind of hope that is the case as getting access to this kind of content helps me in a number of ways.

Such as reviewing new applications or features to bring back to the business, self learning a product that we already have, or just learning something new. Not being a “fan boy” but it also strenghens my opinion of the VMware product suite.

All I need now is a few more hours in the day so I can get a few more labs complete. The Horizon labs are next on my list.

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