Open letter to Xbox live community

More thoughts than an open letter, but you get the idea.

After BlackOps had annoyed me for the last time I decided to jump on MW3 for a few games. I have become accustomed to the fact that most people just don’t have a mic plugged in and if they do they just play loud music, or make stupid noises or trash talk. The other thing I tend to see is a lot of parties, and do you know what I don’t blame them as that is what I do.

I always have my mic in, but I tend to mute my voice unless there is some good game or banter that is worth getting involved in. Yet I even find that saying something to some people just sends them into a directed attack at you, as if you have intruded on their conversation that they are having in an open lobby.

When I first started on Live playing games like Crimson Skies or Rainbow 6 3 there was always good banter and you had gracious winners and losers. Again, this is something that you don’t see any more. If you win you get abuse for being the better team or player, if you lose you get abuse for being a NooB… So I ask where is the fun? What has happened to the community?

So, back to my MW3 games, I think I played 5. I played well , racking up 20+ kills for 1 or 2 deaths. Out of 5 games in different lobbies with different people I got 3 hate messages. One was voice and two were text. None of these guys had a mic in during the game and clearly none were happy that I was playing better than they were.

I tend not to reply to any of these messages, as I just don’t want to waste my time. I remember one guy who was a blatant camper, always in the same spot, so I killed him a lot. In the next game we happened to meet in the same place twice, where I killed him again 🙂 I then get a message after the game saying I am the worst camper in the world.

So I reply pointing out to him that camping doesn’t work and I work the map, and that in the previous game all he did was camp.  To which he continued to send me messages for nearly 30 minutes with further abuse, so I blocked him and filed a complaint.

I should also add that I didn’t send him messages for camping, if thats how he wants to play then thats fine with me.

That leads nicely on to the Live complaint and Rep system. I just don’t think it works, lets just say that someone amasses a few complaints and they get a 15 minute ban… Big wow, is that really teaching them a lesson and what feed back to I get to say that something happened. I just have to go on blind faith that some kind of lame justice may have happened. Whilst it may be hard to police I think MS have to do more.

Then there is the REP system. Have you ever seen anyone with less than the 3 stars that you start with? It’s a waste of time as if I look at the breakdown of my feedback the largest slice of the pie is given to the very thing I hate, trash talking. Something I just don’t do, and yet I still have 5 stars. I would also say that the zone you choose is pointless, I thought the idea was to place you with like-minded gamers, clearly that doesn’t happen.

Something has to change with the 720, I have a 6 month old daughter now and I hope that she gets into games. I am not saying she wont be exposed to all sorts, but I at least want to know that good measures are in place to make the gaming experience a good one and those that wish to be malicious have harsher consequences and there is a better feedback and rep system in place.

My last point is that I find I rarely meet players who are like-minded and I feel I could game with them or want to game with them, hence my friends list just never seems to grow like it used to and that is an indicator that the community just is not as good as it used to be.

Am I alone in this thought?

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