27days – Xbox 720 reveal

After a day with no web access I check my mails and find one from Microsoft saying 27 days…

My mind is racing and I open it. It’s clear that MS mean business a few simple words that say we will finally hear what the next Xbox console story will look like.

Hopefully the will quash a few of the early speculations such as if it will have blu ray or built-in Kinect. I am also hoping to see the console itself and the pad. Take heed Sony.. We like to see the hardware!

I have read about the possibility of no second-hand games and the console having to always be online, but what I am really excited to hear about is how Xbox Live will change. I doubt they will give a lot away at this early stage but one can hope!

For me Live is the biggest selling point for 360 over PS3, oh, and maybe the pad. Please MS don’t mess the new pad up!! Anyway, I would love to see more interaction with sites like twitch, more support for game recording, more clan and community bits on the dashboard. But I must stress I don’t mean Facebook!!! Bigger parties would also be good. How about live avatars that show you whilst you talk.

Another biggie is the feed back system, I have filed various complaints over my time as people are sending hate message etc, yet they have a 5 star rep, the same goes for the zones, it all just feels like it’s a bit false.

This is a massive ask but dedicated servers for games would also be ace.

I wouldn’t be sad if achievements went, as I just find that a lot of the time they dictate how you play a game as you can’t help but want 15G for playing a certain way, like not using a certain gun for example.

All things said and done I am excited to see what’s next, so long as the hardware is stable (no RROD please) I don’t think that they can go to wrong!

I could go on but I think I will call time on this and just wait for the announcement.

What are you guys hoping to see?

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