My clan – EnemyZero

Some of you may have noticed a link on my blog to which is the current (mostly dormant) home of a clan I founded some years ago.

If memory serves me just over 8 years ago, when a few of us were into Rainbow 6 on the 360. That’s by the by. Over the years we have had a pretty good bunch of casual gamers come and go and for the most part we have always had a hoot, but have never really played seriously.

I guess we were/are more of a community than a clan. A good few of the original members still game and we all game as EZ, but we don’t use the site.

To me that’s a bit sad. Especially as its getting tougher to find decent and friendly gamers in the Xbox live community. There are few gracious winners and losers and most people don’t chat like they used to, unless it’s to talk trash. In fac I mostly see solo players with no mic plugged in or just groups in parties.

My plan is to relaunch the site and hopefully meet some new gamers outside of the game lobbies and not only build a community of like minded people but maybe take the clan to a few tournaments.

Watch this space for more on my progress – maybe I will meet some of you reading this 🙂

First steps are to find a new host. Build a logo and some visuals, plan the site layout, setup the SEO bits, and get some plug-ins. Along side this I have some other plans, so it’s all go!

The only thing I do know is that I will move from e107 to WordPress!

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