Is it worth buying games on release?

I put a Tweet out the other day as I was looking on Game and found several games in the sale that have all been released in the last three months. Just for info I don’t work for Game!

I found to my horror Tomb Raider is £25, I brought it on release just over a month ago and I paid £39.99. Then I saw Dead Space 3 £25, DMC £21 just to pick a few. Everything will drop in price over time, so its not the fact that its cheaper, its just the short space of time in which it seems to happened that annoyed me.

Anger aside there is no doubt that these are bargains and I guess you could be waiting longer in some cases for a game to be reduced, however I am pretty sure I have seen this happen before. So are shops just playing on the fact that we can’t wait for a game to slide into our disc trays, or maybe we can’t bare to see our friends all playing it whilst we try to amuse ourselves on other older games?

Thinking about my nature, I am a lot more patient these days so maybe I am wrong and with money becoming tighter we are all waiting and thus the shops drop prices to tempt people to buy.

Both points resonate with me but I think that unless it’s an absolute must have game I think I will try and hold back a bit more and hopefully save some money.

Clearly money is not the only factor that comes into play. How much is the game hyped, how many people do you know who will playing it, how much did you enjoy the previous games (assuming its a sequal) or perhaps it just looks so sexy that you cannot wait to get your hands on it.

As I find on a regular basis there is nothing else to play, so its more a case of why not. If you sit one or all of these next to a pot of money that you have to burn then much as I did with with Tomb Raider you will spend, without worrying that it will come down in price in such a short time frame.

One last thought is that there must be some serious margins somewhere to be able to warrant such drastic drops. So who are the real winners and losers?

2 thoughts on “Is it worth buying games on release?

  1. TheSquishyPenguin April 12, 2013 / 3:33 pm

    Reblogged this on TheSquishyPenguin and commented:
    I think it really just depends on how well a game does when it’s launched, if a game remains popular and continues to sell really well the stores have no reason to lower the price at all. However if a hyped up game suddenly gets an incredibly bad wrap [such as the new Aliens game – which for the record I actually enjoyed, the MP was the highlight imho.] then the price is likely to plummet quickly to entice people to buy it quickly before they make up their minds for good; or else the store looses out on money they could’ve got. Surely £25 sale is better than no sale.

    I don’t think there’s any particular way to answer, it’s very much down to personal preference though I know how irritating it is to see a game you recently bought in the sales a few days later. If you’re strapped for cash or just want to spend wisely then obviously the best thing to do is wait for prices to drop, but if you’re loaded and don’t much care then go ahead and get your games as soon as you like! It also depends [for me at least] how interested in a game I am. I still have a Blockbusters near me so I can still rent the majority of games, the only reason I actually purchase one is if it’s part of a collection like Dead Space 3 or Bioshock Infinite. Or if I intend to play with a friend who’s also getting it, Borderlands 2 for example. If not then the chances are I’m going to rent my game anyway, for £5 I can have it for just under a week and I’m likely to finish it within 2 days anyway.

    As for winners and losers I don’t think it’s cut and dry either, as I said if they drop the price at least they might get SOME sales to a potential none..but I’m not too sure. Those who bought the game as soon as it came out suffer in a sense..sure we got our game early but at a high cost. It really just depends on your view, are you more concerned with having fun as soon as you can, or loss of money?

    • infrastructureguy April 12, 2013 / 9:48 pm

      Thanks for the comments, I think your right in saying that there is no right answer. I just wanted to get some thoughts down that would spark a debate.

      As for aliens I so wanted to love that game but the early footage was warning sign to me that we could have another duke nukes forever on its way, so I decided that was always going to be a bargain bin purchase. I read that the huge 4GB patch went some way towards making it a better experience?

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