My main reasons for buying the Ouya console

For those that know me well, it won’t come as any surprise that I am buying another console. Pretty much without fail since the 16 bit era I have owned the big consoles in each generation. So that makes me a multi platform gamer, but there is one platform as I will call it that has never captured me. That is mobile.

Sure I have owned Lots of hand helds from The Sega Game Gears to the PS Vita but mobile gaming in my mind is the likes of an iPad or your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. Perhaps in part it’s because of the type of gamer I am, I like to get immersed in the story or just go all out in multiplayer. Mobile games are not like that for the most part.

So why buy a console that is dedicated to this type of gaming!?

My first reason was that I wanted to support this console, as I am hoping that it will spur on others to continue to innovate and bring new ideas to fruition. Next up I actually like the idea of playing these games on a big screen, with a controller in hand. So it will be a different experience And everyone needs a bit of variety.. Right??

Another interesting side to this are the two girls in my life. My partner really enjoys playing some of the games on the iPad, like crazyhorses and I wondered if this may help bridge the gap so to speak. It may also give her a different experience when she fancies a game. My attention then turns to my 4 month old daughter, I really hope she takes to gaming like her dad, but only time will tell… Back to the Ouya, I think that if she was going to play games when she is older it would be this type of game. Granted in three years time the Ouya maybe “retro” but she can still have a go. I still play Streets of rage or Sonic some 20 years later!

I also wanted to say that I was there at the start, well kind of! I would have loved to have been a backer but sadly funds didnt permit me to do so, instead I will contribute with a few little blogs about it.

My final reasons are a bit lame but I really like the look of this device and I think it will make a bit of a talking point. As well as being another console to join my ever-growing collection.

Leave a reply to let me know why you would or would not like one.

In my next post on the Ouya, I just want to discuss a few of my reservations with the console.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

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