New console nearly here – Ouya

This is the first of several posts that I just wanted to put out there about this new console. These are my own thoughts and in no way represent any other party.

For those not up to speed Ouya is a new console available June 2013 which plans to deliver a new experience for gamers. I first found out about it when it just hit its target on kick starter and I have tried to keep an eye on it ever since.

Ouya (I think its pronounced we-ya) at least that is how I say it, is a games console that was born from kick starter in what must have been less than a year and in June this year it will be available to the masses. Its an android based console and I have to say it certainly looks very sexy indeed.

Whats the deal?

Isn’t this just another Android device, well yes and no. With Android being a force in the mobile space its hard to see why Ouya is really needed. I am sure that the developers of games and applications in general have enough devices to test on, let alone this one.

However, I think there is a space as this is a dedicated games console and that in itself has to be a pretty good deal for games developers and gamers alike.

The idea is to try to capitalize on the current trend for indie games, and bring mobile games to the big screen TV. One of the unique selling points is that all games will be available to try for free, with others possibly being free. In the later case I would expect the developer to make money through in game purchases, or buying new content.

What this could also mean is that smaller development houses or one man bands could have a good platform to get started on, which has to be good for everyone… right? Whilst Xbox have the XNA platform I am not sure how many hoops one has to jump through to be published, but I would like to assume that Ouya have a good balance to allow much faster roads to market but with some sensible constraints to avoid drivel.

I fully expect this console to try and expand on the already popular mobile gaming market, bringing (hopefully) cheap games to the casual gamer. I was wondering why someone, besides me, would want to buy one. If I stop and think about it, the casual gamers in this space don’t want to buy a big console, and they probably dont have the time to invest in longer more involving games, however the chance to play on a larger screen etc would certainly be more appealing.

Should Sony or Microsoft be worried?

Clearly this is no PS4 or Xbox 720, and I personally think that getting into a market space with those two and Nintendo would certainly be tough. My take is that Ouya is not aimed to compete directly with these consoles, however it may drive changes in the industry and how these giants react to this space.

Is anyone out there?

There has to be some mileage here as the Ouya has some competition on the way from Valve with their Steambox. nVidea have their project Shield and a UK company called Joystick also have an offering in the pipeline. From what I have read about the Steambox, this could cost a considerable amount more, so maybe its not comparable but in my mind its in the same arena.

In my next posts I want to talk about the console itself, and why I decided to get one.

Thanks for reading, are you getting one too? If so let me know your thoughts!

You can pre-order yours at or

Check Ouya out for yourself at

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