Apps I currently use in my “iWorld”

I am by no means a big app user. I know people who have pages of apps that they have downloaded. Most of my apps are just there to compliment some of my many interests. I just wanted to get a list together of what I use as I thought someone else may find something useful.

The ones I use the most are all related to my passion for the world of IT, so I will start there.

Also, I think that 99% of my apps are free and as per the title they are all from iTunes as I am an Apple user. Not an Apple fan boy by any means!!

  1. FeedlerRSS – Brillient app for monitoring all the blogs I follow. For me the big selling point of this app is that it connects to my Google Reader account, so I keep my feeds in one place.
  2. Flipboard – I really like this app, I use it just for tracking whats going on in the areas I am interested in. It has a nice an easy interface to use. Some of the new release features are cool, allowing you to create and publish your own magazines for others to read. It can follow your Facebook and Twitter feeds as well.
  3. WordPress – Pretty obvious one really, great for keeping up with this blog and its management.
  4. Hootsuite – I only use this for my Twitter feed, I don’t have a huge Twitter feed to keep up with at the moment but it has some cool features like the built in link shortner, which also enables stats. You can also search for key words which is a great way to find new bloggers or people to follow.
  5. I do have the usual array of social apps, like Twitter, Linked In etc. But I don’t have Facebook as in my eyes its evil!
  6. iRemote Desktop – Handy litte RDP client for my ‘i’ devices.
  7. Speed Test – Simple yet effective way to test connection speeds where ever you are.
  8. For reading I just use iBooks and the Kindle App. I have also used Kaliber for certain formats.
  9. I also use the VMware view client and the Citrix Receiver but these are for corporate access only. I do like the way that the VMware view client has its little widget for navigation etc when on an iPhone. I wish the iPad client had it as its better than the drop down menu provided in that client.

I think thats it for now but I will keep this up to date as I find other apps.

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