Citrix Merchandising Server Download

I am assuming that you have landed here because, like myself you could not locate the download for the 2.2 applicance for VMware or Xen Server.

I have found here and heres how..

  1. Head over to
  2. Log into the site with an account. I have an account with active subscriptions, not sure if thats relevant or not but worth a mention
  3. Click on Downloads
  4. Using the Find Downloads drop downs, first select Citrix Receiver. Then select Mechandising server
  5. The last step is to click on the link with the Multi icon. It should be the only one

Pretty simple but I have seen a few poeple asking and not one of the answers I saw detailed all the steps, like being logged in.

Also, worth noting I used FireFox as my IE and Chrome refused to download the file!


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