vCenter Ops Upgrade 5.01 to 5.6

I just wanted to document this as my situation was slightly different, in that I was also moving the appliances from 4.1 hosts and VC to new 5.1 hosts and VC.

This meant breaking the vApp as there was no way to take the vApp to the new VC.

  1. Check backups of the Virtual Appliances
  2. Download the latest appliance .PAK file from VMware
  3. Perform an upgrade from 5.01 to 5.6, as 5.6 supports vSphere 5.1, by going to the Update tab in the admin page and pointing it to the .PAK file.
  4. Restart appliance
  5. Unregister the 4.1 VC from the application, done on the first tab in the Admin site. Very simple!
  6. Perform a vMotion of the VMs to move them out of the vApp container. We don’t really need this anyway as we do not rely on the vApp for IP assignment. We use static addresses. If you do require the vApp you will have to record the settings that you have and recreate it in the new VC.
  7. Power off each VM and unregister them from the 4.1 VC
  8. Register the VMs in the 5.1 VC – You can only do this provising both clusters can see the same storage.
  9. Add the vCops user account to have rights in the new VC.
  10. Power up and register the VC’s back into the application – Reverse of step 5.
  11. Upgrade the 5.01 licenses to 5.6 as you cannot register the old codes in a 5.1 VC. The license is now vCops Suite Standard, which is the same feature parity to the old world Advanced edition.
  12. Add the new license key to VC and license the asset (vCops)

Connect to the appliance and restart the services to see the new license. If you don’t do this it will think it’s the free Foundation license!

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