Cannot see newly added RDM in Disk Manager

I thought that this was worth a blog post as a number of people have poted on the VMware forum with no real answers being mentioned.

The other day I had done a P2V on a Windows 2003 SP2 SQL server. All was going well until I had to put the LUNS back. I masked them on the netapp to the ESX hosts in the cluster and removed the physical server. I then performed the usual rescan and refresh in ESX, all was going well as my new LUNS were listed.

I then added the LUNS to the VM as a Raw Device Map. Again this all went well. However after doing a rescan and refresh in disk manager nothing appeared. I tried a diskpart rescan and list disk but alas no disk.

Here are some of the things that I looked at.

  • Reboot
  • Stopping services
  • Cleared and monitored the event logs for errors
  • Made sure that all previous SAN and Multi Path software was removed
  • Checked ESXi pathing and masking was correct
  • Deleted the RDM mapping files and readded them
  • Removed old devices from device manager that were left behind

It was worth noting though that the LUNS were listed in device manager as being connected to the LSI SCSI controller.

In the end I had run out of time in my window so I had to roll back to the physical server but thats another story. However I left the VM disconnected from the network so I could spend more time fixing it.

So a fresh pair of eyes helped me to fix the issue. First I tried removing the disk mapping files by doing a delete from disk and then rea dding them. This made no odds. So I tried again but instead of choosing a Physical RDM I chose virtual. This was not ideal as I really didnt want any VM admin to be able to snap the LUN being it was a database. However by using virtual I could see the disk in Disk manager. I then removed it and tried a pRDM again but alas it was in device manager but not disk manager.

So I then decided to add the pRDM again but this time using a SCSI ID that created a new controller and guess what.. It worked! whilst I dont quite understand why this is the case it did not cause me any issues to have another controller.

I hope that this may help someone else solve their issue.

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