Free Cisco Course – UCS Test Drive for technical decision makers

I was lucky enough to be invited by my Cisco account managers to Cisco House in the Olympic Village. If you ever get the chance to go then you should as if anything you get to see the park from a good view point.

Anyway, whilst there I was talking about UCS and how I was interested in the technology for our data centre road map. I was informed that Cisco are offering this free two day course run by FireFly.

The course is a high level over view that take you from the why Cisco got into the server and compute space through to the models of blade servers. It ends with a hands on session allowng you to get into the UCS manager and carry out a number of typical admin tasks.

We had Tom McDermot taking this course and this guy really knows his stuff, the insight that we got from him alone more than made the two days worth while. For me, I had a limited knowledge of the product and now I at least have a good grasp of whats what. My disappointment came with the labs.

For starters one of them was setting up Role based Admin Control (RBAC) which lets be fair is pretty standard these days and pretty dull. I think that creating vSANs or VLANs would have been better. The next issue was that the labs actually kept crashing and eventually we were all chucked out and never got back in.

The only lab that I enjoyed was creating the service profile as to me this was one of the big selling points of the product. It all seems pretty straigh forward to create and apply profiles to the blades. I must confess that I ignored the other labs and just went exploring, something that would have been fun if it were not for the crash.

I guess all issues aside, this is a free course with two free lucnhes in the Cisco canteen. I got a good over view and learnt some handy tips from Tom. Time to get the Cisco Press UCS book and get learning some more!

2 thoughts on “Free Cisco Course – UCS Test Drive for technical decision makers

  1. Rob Tribe March 9, 2013 / 7:38 am

    You went to the olympic park in London last summer ??!! You’re based in the UK ? I went too — great view of the site from up there

    • infrastructureguy March 9, 2013 / 8:15 am

      Hi Rob, yes I am in Surrey in the UK. I was at that event, I know they did several, so we could have been at the same one. It was a great view, wish I had taken my proper camera as the iPhone just didn’t quite cut the mustard!

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