Microsoft Virtual Acadamy (MVA)

As you may have seen in an earlier post I joined the MVA. Thought I would give some first impression now that I have completed a number of courses and also high light some up and coming courses that Microsoft are dude to release.

I found out as I mailed some feedback to the dean and said branching the courses out into other areas would be good, such as virtualization. See his/her response below.

Now that I have reached the dizzy heights of silver membership I can say that I am actually enjoying the courses and the content. It’s toatlly free and obviously part of the M$ marketing drive to pedal their solution but in my eyes as a consultant it’s always good to know about more than one product as they all have strengths and weaknesses. The questions are not great but when you’re squeezing a course into a lunch break like me you don’t want taxing. Besides these are more like sales exams anyway.

Being a 360 gamer I cant help but love achievements, whilst I am not a gamer score whore (gamers will understand what they are) I still like to see the little pop up from time to time. Its much the same with the points/rank in the MVA, and that alone will keep me coming back for more!

E-mail response from Microsoft MVA Dean about up and coming courses. Being  VMware guy I for one am looking forward to see how the Hyper-V skills transfer goes.

There are certainly more courses coming and we have them lined up to release starting from around 25th April. Below I’ve set out the roadmap for you.

May 15th                                   Microsoft Virtualization for VMWare Professional – The Platform

                                                      Microsoft Virtualization for VMWare Professional – Management

                                                      Microsoft Virtualization for VMWare Professional – VDI

May 16th                                  Success with Private Cloud

Post May 16th                       Office 365,

                                                    Office 2010,

                                                    Windows InTune,

                                                    System Center VMM 2012,

                                                    System Center Config Manager 2012,

                                                   Microsoft Cloud Offerings and the IT Pro,

                                                   Windows Azure Hands-on Lab,

                                                   Windows Azure Connect.

                                                  SQL Server “Denali”

We are also working on an update to the platform to enable you to either get emails about new courses or subscribe to an RSS feed for the same information.


Alan Le Marquand

Microsoft Virtual Academy Dean

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