Microsoft Virtual Academy

Not sure how much any of you reading this know about “the cloud” but I for one must admit I didnt really know a great deal. So I decided to set out on a mission to learn more. If like me you didnt know your SAAS from your PAAS then perhaps you should check this out.

Its totally free and walks you through Microsofts Clould offerings. You watch presentations that talk around various aspects of  thier cloud solution. You can then take mini assessments to test what you learnt. Passing these tests you earn points that increase your standing with in the M.V.A, pretty cool, especially if like me your all about stats and leaderboards (thats the gamer in me talking!) You can opt in or out of the leaderboards, so dont worry if its not your thing.

The courses on offer cover off the basics of planning and managing your private cloud to the Azure Public cloud offerings.

From my own experience so far these tests are not taxing and can be taken as many times as you like, whilst they are there to test what you learnt I think they could stretch you more than they do. For me though the most important aspect is that I am getting a nice introduction into cloud and I have to say I didnt quite realise how many steps towards Cloud I had already taken.

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